Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Buddies

Darcie shares her birthday with the son of our neighbours. It's quite uncanny to think that in this small district 2 of our babes were born on the exact same day! This year for their birthdays we had a little morning tea birthday party with lollies and cake, of course! I made a number 2 cake and covered it with M & M's (Yes what was I thinking! It took over an hour just to put them on there!!). Here is a 'just because' layout to mark the event:

I've used a mix of LilyBee and Echo Park papers and this cute little pin and doilies from the Chip Chop Shop. I've used my Tim Holtz tape on this one too.

I've added a little bee from MLBOW.

And some journalling strips:

And of course, to finish it off, I have added a banner. I don't know what's gotten into me lately, I am putting banners on every layout!

The school holidays have started for us. Lachlan is sick so didn't go to school today. The girls aren't well either and I can feel myself starting to come down with it too. What a great holidays it's going to be! We are weaning and branding in the first week so I will have a house full of people to cook for. I actually look forward to it. It's nice having visitors when we spend so much time 'just us'.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by...


  1. Awww this is lovely

  2. Wow, that cake looks amazing and this looks fabulous.

  3. totally lovin the scrunched up tape you ahve used here, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE banners!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yumsie babe !!! Love the cake - you can make me one covered in M and Ms any time you like!!

  5. WOW what a fabulous cake Lauren and I just love your LO.. the banners and layering look awesome!! Have a great weekend :)))

  6. Fabulous layout. I bet the cake tasted good but don't envy you for how long it took to put them on lol

  7. No no NOOOO...don't get sick!!!
    Love the LO!
    Hope you battled off whatever germs were attacking :)

  8. I love this page! I seem to be putting banners on everything lately too - I don't think I could ever get sick of them to be honest!! The cake looks divine and i bet the kids loved it :)

  9. oooh that cake looks sooo yummy!! totally worth all the time it took to put the MM's on there!! Gorgeous layout Lauren!! Take care :))xx


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