Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It seems I am becoming a very slack blogger. :( I haven't updated for a while, but I haven't had anything new to share either. But that is about to change...

I have just come home from the most awesome weekend at Camp Mojo in the Hunter Valley, NSW. It was a pleasure and an honour to be in a room full of talented, creative, like-minded ladies. I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with my fellow Masters - Bridgette, Tatum and Michelle as well as Ebony, Jodi, Ali, Lauren and my roomie Crystal. We had so many laughs and I will not forget it for a long time to come. Here are some photos - not taken by me. I didn't take my camera coz I couldn't fit it in (plus I figured there would be plenty of other who did! LOL). I have plucked these off Facebook. A group shot:

Me and the gorgeous Ebony:

This lady is a true inspiration to me - and I got to watch her scrap! (although I don't think she knew I was watching! Sorry Lou!)

And these 2 crazy funny Tassie chicks!! And super talented too!

I haven't had a chance to unpack my layouts yet so when I do I will give you an update. I managed 11 layouts for the weekend which is a few less than I thought I would do. I think I may have left my mojo somewhere between here and Sydney. :(

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  1. Hi Lauren! Sounds like you had a ball. Certainly enjoying the post-mojo reads on FB lol. Can't wait to meet you next month at the LSBS retreat. PS - I'll be watching you because I love your style xx

  2. hey Lauren .. great photos .. sounds like you all had an awesome time ... I am lucky enough to work with Lou at Seriously scrapbooking ... she is truly amazing .... and a beautiful person as well ... hugz x

  3. Thanks so much for an awesome weekend. It was great meeting you! Hope our paths cross again another day!! xx
    Love Shiney!!!! xxx

  4. Wooohoo! She's back!!
    Cant wait to see your show and tell!

  5. It was sooo fab to hang out with you Crystal I cant wait for you to share some of your work as I know exactly how fab they are!

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!! Look forward to seeing what you were creating :).

  7. Hey Wazza LOL so glad i got to meet you IRL i had a ball hanging out with you, shame i lost my Mojo at Camp Mojo too or maybe it was a bit of stage fright haha who knows! you did do way better than me woohoo hoppe to catch up on another retreat one day xx mwah


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