Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Life

No scrapping from me - well nothing I can share yet anyway!

I went with Luke and the girls over to our other property (about 80kms north of Chinchilla) on Tuesday to check on the cows over there. While Luke was going along on the 4 wheeler he saw this little fella on the track:

How cute is it! It's a baby plover. Mum and Dad weren't too happy that Luke picked it up but they didn't swoop him, thank goodness!! He showed it to the girls and I grabbed a pic, then he went and took it back where he found it. Sorry about Luke's 'man hands'. You can tell they belong to a farmer! LOL I just love this time of year with new life everywhere you look on the farm. There are lots of little calves being born over there too but I didn't get any pics of those.

Because of all the rain we have had there are plenty of 'weeds' out in the paddocks as well. Michala just loves picking flowers - even if they are weeds! LOL

These little yellow ones are everywhere you look at the moment! I was lucky enough to be given a bunch to bring home.

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  1. gotta love that Wild Turnip Lauren.. its the thought that counts lol


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