Friday, May 20, 2011


It's seems like just yesterday I was posting on my blog announcing the birth of our new little girl. And today, she turns 2!! Where did the time go? She is a very happy, sometimes determined, always cheeky little person and we wouldn't have her any other way!! Happy Birthday my gorgeous Miss Darcie!

And speaking of birthdays - my favourite scrapbook shop, LSBS, is turning 6 and this weekend we are having a birthday Cybercrop to celebrate! :) It's a masquerade party and I can't wait!

All the fun starts tonight with bingo! Would love to see you there.

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  1. They grow up WAY too fast and there are some stages that should last longer and some you should be able to fast track!!

  2. happy birthday Darcie!!!! did you get lots of presents????
    And this is a special birthday ((hug)) from Mandy xxxxx

    ps.... I agree Lisa pmsl!

  3. That photo is grouse. Hope she has a fab day.

  4. LOL love the photo! Hope Miss Darcie is having a fabulous day!!


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