Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Faves

Sorry I'm a little late with my faves this week. I've been doing the bookwork, only I'm not sure I've actually achieved anything! lol Let's just say it is NOT one of my faves!!

But here are my Friday Faves for this week:


I love my garden. It's my little haven where I can get out in the sunshine and escape the kids (most of the time). We have done a fair bit of landscaping over the last few years. We've built all the gardens ourselves using sandstone rocks as garden edging. The rocks came out of a dam at one of our properties and are perfect edging coz we know that they will never rot or move! lol I've added plants that are mostly drought hardy because you just dont know when we could be running low on water.

2. I {heart} online shopping! Whenever we go to town, we usually only have enough time to do the grocery shopping and 'farm' shopping. The shops aren't always that great either. As a result, I do most of my shopping online. I am amazed at what you can now buy online. I have even bought plants for my garden online!! I would be seriously lost without it! (And probably a bit richer too!). I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping online this year.

The last few days have really started to warm up! The best thing we ever did was install evaporative air con a few years ago. When Lachlan was a baby, I always had trouble getting him to sleep in the afternoon because it was so hot in his bedroom. We put the air con in before Michala was born. I love that it is so cheap to run and it's fantastic at night because you can push the cool night air through the house. Ahhh bliss! I really cannot stand the heat. I would much rather prefer to be at home in the air con than out in the paddock! lol


One of my favourite scrappy tools at the moment is my Big Shot. I was lucky enough to win one as part of my Masters prizes last year. I have been using it quite a bit lately with some new Spellbinders Nestibilities. I decided to sell my Cuttlebug earlier in the year coz this machine does everything I need. :)

5. Michala had her 2nd day of Prep Orientation this week.

She is so excited about going to school next year! She has been waiting a looooong time (in her eyes anyway). She went off on the school bus with Lachlan on Wednesday morning looking totally cute in her uniform that is waaaay too big for her. She was pretty tired by the time they got home but she is counting the days until she gets to go back again next week.

I'd love to hear your faves this week. Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Fab Lauren. I look forward to your faves each week. Thanks for sharing....and I love your garden.

  2. Thanks fr sharing Hun!


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