Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Faves! :)

A little while ago, my friend Kirsty, on a Friday, would share with us her five favourite things for the week. I'm making an attempt to blog a little more about stuff other than scrapping so thought doing something like this would be a good way to give you a little insight into my life. So here are my first ever 5 Friday Faves:

1. Mobile Playgroup

Every fortnight, on a Wednesday, these lovely ladies travel all the way from Maryborough out to little old Monogorilby in this bus: It is choc full of toys, books and crafty goodies for the kids. We are very lucky to have this service and the kids can't wait to see what goodies the ladies have bought. There is always something different or something 'new' for them to play with. We usually have playgroup at our local hall, but this week we were the only family who were able to go, so the ladies came to our house instead! Talk about service! ;)

2. Jacaranda Trees

We have 3 of these beautiful trees behind our house. Luke's parents planted them here about 30 years ago. I love the pop of colour it gives to the landscape - they stick out like the proverbial!! lol

3. Toilet Training

I am no longer dealing with nappies!! Over the past few weeks we have been toilet training Darcie. She has been an absolute breeze to train. She woke up one day and told me she wanted to wear undies and we haven't looked back! I was still putting her in a nappy at night - mainly for my own sake (not having to wash sheets etc), but every morning she would be dry. :) So this week, we said goodbye to the nappies at night and she hasn't had an accident! (She is sooo going to kill me when she's older, isn't she??!! lol)

4. RDO Mondays
We have a long weekend every second weekend and I love it!! Our little school out here is one of only a couple of schools in Queensland that run on a 9 day fortnight. The kids do an extra 20 minutes of school each day to make up for the time off. Having that extra day on the weekend means we can go to town and do the shopping, dr appointments or dentist etc or my fave, go away for the weekend! :)

5. My iPad 2
We live in the bush and aren't usually up to date with technology but OMG I am so glad I bought myself one of these for my birthday (I knew if I didn't buy it, no-one else would! lol) Every week I am discovering something new that it can do and there's rarely a day that goes by where I am not using it. My fave thing at the moment is all the photography apps. I don't have Photoshop on my computer so I'm loving being able to create different effects on my photos. It's fun!! And even the technologically challenged (ie Luke!) are enjoying using it - not that he would admit it! lol

So there you are - my five faves for this week. What were yours for this week?

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  1. I love all your faves! Luckily I have an ipad2 too so I can relate. I really do recommend Photoshop Elements - it's easy, fun and addictive! You'll have a new fave to add to your list :-0 ) xox

  2. Great idea of the faves and just love your pics. And yes, DD will be telling you all about it when she hits her teens. We can send her and my DD off for a looooong "teenage years break" together because I know mine will be the same too.
    Have a fab weekend.

  3. I always loved reading Kirsty's friday faves. I have missed her blog posts.

    Love your Friday faves. How cool about the mobile playgroup!

  4. Fabulous !! Love the mobile playgroup - I remember my other country pumpkin mate having the same service!!


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