Thursday, October 13, 2011

One More?

I have been having a little internal struggle lately about having another baby. After Darcie, I thought I was done but now I am really starting to like the idea of having one more. Luke is keen too (which helps! lol). But then I start thinking about the negatives. I had really bad morning sickness with all 3 - like not keeping anything down and feeling crappy 24/7 for the first 3-4 months. I even ended up in hospital on a drip with Michala. Then there is having a caesar, the pain, the sleepless nights and all the rest. I'm not sure I'm up to doing that again. But then I think, it's not forever and the pros far outweigh the cons. :) Anyway, I decided to scrap a layout about how I'm feeling:

This is for the current challenge over at Show Us Your Stuff - based on this sketch and using something handmade of course. I have flipped the sketch on its side and mirrored it - if that makes sense:
So here are some close ups. The button I have made myself using some fabric and my I-top. I've used OA '5 & Dime' again - it was still sitting on my desk after the last layout! lol

I've misted the background as well. I had originally journalled around the outside of the layout but I didn't like how it looked. I then cut off the journalling and mounted the entire layout on a similar coloured cardstock.

My journalling is now hidden up in the top left. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by...


  1. Love it...and what a big decision for you! I'm sure you'll go with your heart on this one. xx

  2. Once I decided I really knew I wanted a fourth!!! Not bad for someone who at 28 !!! was having none!!! Whatever you decide - it will be the RIGHT decision!!!!
    BUT I do LOVE the smell of a newborn!!!

  3. Go on... I double dare ya! ;) Seriously though I am constantly saying I must have been insane for having so many (hideous, ended up on a drip with morning sickness for all 4 pregnancies too... you'd think I'd have learned hey???)... we have lots of full on days and some crappy days and the worst is when they are all sick (like today!). So sometimes I wonder if I will ever live to tell the tale... but when they are all playing nice and we are having a great day... and those little faces smile at you and those little arms reach around your neck for a big hug you just know you wouldn't swap them for all the gold and jewels and exotic holidays you could have had! ;)

  4. I just love that pic and the page is just beautiful. Your banner looks awesome and I like the hidden journal tag. Now re another baby thing, I have 4 so I can spare you one and then I will be the one with seriously, the bits like morning sickness and sleepless nights are not forever...but then again, you could have twins Then you would be at 5!!!
    Good luck with whatever decision you make :)

  5. good luck with the decision....a beautiful thing to scrap about as well!

  6. oh Lauren thank you for playing with us at suys I adore your layout - mmm love new bubbas!
    You will go with your heart as Sar said hugs

  7. Never say never hey ;). Having hubby on board is definitely a plus. Lots to think about by the sounds of it :).

    LOVE your page!!!! The colours are gorgeous!

  8. Big decisions....!!! Love your work here!!!


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